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Nemasys No Ants Ant Control

ant killerp>Nemasys No Ants – environmentally friendly and safe for children pets wildlife and bees What damage do ants do and how do I recognise it?: Black red and yellow ants are found in the garden and towards the end of July swarms of flying ants take to the air looking for a mate and

Nemasys Grow Your Own

fruit & veg pest controlNemasys is dedicated to pest control using natural environmentally friendly nematodes to kill garden pests including carrot root fly cabbage root fly leatherjackets cutworms onion fly ants ciarid fly caterpillars gooseberry sawfly thrips and codling moth. They also get rid of ants. It treats 60m2. What pests does Nemasys Grow Your

Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer

leatherjacket killerLeatherjackets are the larval stage of the crane fly. The main damage caused by leatherjckets on turf is the effect of birds and small mammals trying to get to the insects. If leatherjacket numbers are lowered this damage can be significantly reduced.The biological control for leatherjackets is the predatory nematode Steinernema feltiae. It will

Single Stem Support

Single stem support Durable plastic-coated steelBlends in with foliageChild-friendlyProtect tall stems and heavy-headed flowers against wind and rain with this sturdy 1m stem support. Made from steel with a green plastic coating it will blend in with any surrounding foliage while the rounded edges make it suitable for child-friendly gardens. Push the stake into the

Sneeboer Ladies Fork

Sneeboer ladies forkbr>Lightweight and compact for easier digging and cultivatingHand forged rust-resistant stainless steelFSC-certified solid ash handleNot just for ladies this compact Sneeboer fork has been designed for any gardener looking for a lighter more manoeuvrable tool. Delicately proportioned and well balanced the fork’s four lightweight tines are individually hand-sharpened for better soil penetration and

Pot Feet

Pot feetThese fantastic pot feet raise the pot off the ground to ensure adequate drainage and prevent waterlogging. Supplied as a set of three they will support almost all pot sizes and weights. Measurements: Small: Length 7cmLarge: Length 8.5cm

Evergreen Complete 4 In 1

Evergreen complete 4 in 1Evergreen complete 4 in 1 will help you produce a more beautiful lawn after just one simple application. The unique four in one formula feeds and greens your grass kills the weeds and moss and also helps your lawn make the most of every drop of water that falls. It is

Nemaslug Slug Killer

slug killerThese nematodes (microscopic creatures) aggressively search out and attack slugs. They enter the slugs body through a hole behind their heads. Once inside they release a bacteria which stops the slug eating. The nematodes then start to reproduce inside and within 7-10 days the slug is dead. The nematodes continue to reproduce as the

Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer

vine weevil killerNemasys Vine Weevil Killer effectively controls vine weevils with no risks to children pets and wildlife. It controls vine weevil at the larvae stage when they are living in the soil and are at their most destructive. Nemasys contains millions of nematodes the natural enemies of vine weevil. Once applied by watering can

Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer

chafer Grub KillerChafer grubs the larvae of cock chafer or maybug can cause extensive damage to lawns. They are often found feeding on grass roots causing yellow patches in the lawn and the damage can look like drought. Heavy infestations attract foxes rooks magpies and crows which scratch out the loosened turf to feed on

Garotta Compost Maker

Garotta compost makerThis J. Arthur Bower’s Garotta is made from natural materials selected to help improve the structure of home-produced garden compost to maintain a neutral PH and speed up the process of decomposition. It will also provide food to help promote bacterial growth which will in turn encourage a temperature rise in the compost

Wooden Storage Crate

Wooden storage crateWe simply had to add these to the range. From our own experience they are practical useful and look great too. Produced from stained 8mm rough-sawn Scandinavian pine these sturdy crates provide a lovely rustic garden and home storage solution. Measurements: Length: 500mmWidth: 370mmHeight: 260mm

Longrow Cloche

Longrow clocheSpecial offer the 3 pack contains 3 cloches for the price of 2!! Ideal for getting crops off to an early start. This is an extra long cloche 4 feet – 120cm) a tall roof system & generous width ample for dwarf beas strawberries melons salad etc Circular end panels turn at a touch

Shredder Petrol Chipper Shredder

Shredder – petrol chipper shredderPowered by a Briggs & Stratton 6.5hp I/C engineDual input hoppersGarden waste/twigs up to 15mm (Large hopper)Branches up to 50mm (Small hopper)Transport wheels & handles for easy transportation

Streamline Tree Pruner 8Ft

Streamline long reach tree pruner Lightweight and easy to manoeuvreRust-resistant and durableIncludes curved saw attachmentKeep unruly trees in check with this lightweight but tough long-reach pruner – great for higher branches that are difficult to reach with a regular pruner. The silver anodised alloy shaft and zinc plated steel fittings are resistant to rust and

Beech Dibber

Beech dibber Handmade in EnglandDurable solid beechDepth markersA whimsical name for an indispensable tool – no garden’s complete without a dibber! While you can use a stick or old biro to sow large seeds mark out drills and plant bulbs and seedlings it’s much more satisfying with a good old-fashioned dibber. Handmade in England from

Hozelock 60M Hose Cart With 30M Multi Purpose Hose And Fittings

Hozelock 60m hose cart Easy to transportStrong yet lightweightGenerous 60m hose capacity No more carrying the hose reel around with you when you water. This sturdy yet lightweight hose cart will wheel your hose to wherever you need it. The freestanding cart has a generous 60m hose capacity and stands on chunky wheels with a

Fiskars Universal Garden Scissors

Fiskars universal garden scissors Comfortable lightweight and easy to handleSuperior cutting performanceTough polymer handles Lightweight but tough Fiskars scissors are renowned for their comfort durability and exceptional cut. Designed for the rigours of the garden these universal garden scissors come in handy for a variety of outdoor jobs from cutting flowers and pruning herbs to

George And Dragon Water Tank

George and dragon water tank This water tank looks like a traditional lead product but in fact it is made of fibreglass and resin. The finishes are so authentic it is hard to tell them apart from the real thing. It is lightweight so very easy to install and frost proof so can stay out

Compost Stirrer Compost Aerator

Compost stirrer / compost aeratorbr>Speeds up composting processQuick and easy to useSuitable for bins and heapsMake light work of stirring and aerating your compost with this simple but clever handheld tool. Lightweight and easy to use it puts an end to the arduous job of turning your compost with a garden fork. Your back will