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Turkish Trough Barbecue

Turkish Trough Barbecue
This is one of our favourite new editions. A heap of glowing charcoal is at one end of the trough and the cooking grill is at the other. As and when you need to turn up the heat simply push the coals under the grill. The charcoal sits on a corrugated surface running long ways which allows the coals to be pulled or pushed across using the tool provided. This also allows air to flow under the embers.

The trough is made of iron with a waxed lacquer. After some use the product will rust which will give the metal a natural protective layer. The grill is produced from Stainless steel.

Simply attach the handles to either end of the trough and place on the base. The corrugated sheet is then inserted in to the base of the trough and the grill goes on top.

Dimensions: Length 71cm Width 36cm Height 32cm Depth 17.5cm

Warning: For outdoor use only. Keep children and pets away from the brazier when lit. Always position the brazier away from buildings and place on a safe non-flammable surface. If using the brazier on a paved patio we recommend that you place it on an additional protective paving stone made from solid natural stone or concrete with a minimum thickness of 5cm. This will avoid possible discolouration and cracking of your patio....

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