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Empathy Basket Starter

Empathy Basket Starter
Single application improves root system for life
Boosts nutrient uptake and improves drought resistance
Includes water gel to retain moisture

Contains Rootgrow? the first and currently the only plant or soil treatment licensed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Empathy Basket Starter biscuits with Rootgrow will supply nutrients and water to your hanging basket and container plants to help them thrive all summer long.

Each biscuit contains bioadditives to help plants establish strong root systems along with water retaining crystals and slow release fertilisers to keep them healthy and hydrated throughout their life.

Use in hanging baskets pots and containers for lush lasting displays.

How does Rootgrow work?

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi bond to a plant’s roots effectively becoming part of its root system. They grow rapidly in search of nutrients and water and as they’re finer than the plant’s coarser roots they’re better at finding the good stuff!

They’re great at hunting down phosphorus and potassium for flowering and fruiting but also thrive on finding trace elements. And they hold onto water like a sponge giving your plants far better drought tolerance.

Each Rootgrow biscuit also contains fertilisers to give plants a steady nutrient release for up to four months and water gel crystals for extra protection against drying out.

How to use

Single pots up to 3 litres: use 1 biscuit.
Small pots and baskets up to 7 litres: use 2 biscuits.
Pots and baskets up to 15 litres: use 3 or 4 biscuits.
Containers over 15 litres: use 4+ biscuits.
After the first 3-4 months you can either apply a liquid feed to keep plants flowering all season long or add more biscuits by inserting just below the surface and watering well....

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