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Brazier Tripod Cooking Stand

Brazier Tripod Cooking Stand
These tripod cooking stands are perfect for placing over burning logs or embers in a brazier. They are designed to support a cooking pot or cast iron griddle so that you can cook over an open fire outdoors. The taller one will sit over logs and the shorter over charcoal. Our larger braziers are too wide to come with a cooking grill so this is a perfect solution should you want to cook on it.

Make sure that you position the tripod carefully over the fire making sure that it is level and all three feet are sitting on the solid base of the brazier.

The tripods are made from forged iron with a protective black coating. The black protective layer will burn off with use so it is advisable to clean the tripod and rub it down with some olive oil when it has cooled to prevent rusting although rust will protect the metal underneath.


Low: height 18.5cm; diameter 25cm
Tall: height 30cm; diameter 25cm

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